2017 Cancer Screening Form

Once a year, the City of Buffalo will reimburse you for getting tested for Prostate Cancer or Breast Cancer. Submit the above form to Payroll @ Headquarters.

811 v. 201 Healthcare

This document explains the differences between 811 and 201 healthcare plans.

Tier 5 Correction Support Letter

Print, sign and send this letter in support of the Governor signing an amendment for Tier 5 pension.

2% Buffalo Fire Company Expenditure Form

Use this form to vote on 2% items for your fire company. Then, hand it in to the 2% Trustees for purchase approval.

Local 282 Correspondence Form

Use this form for any communication you need to do with the Union.

Local 282 Overtime Correspondence Form

Use this form to communicate to Local 282’s overtime committee.

P & A Submission Form

For 901 Health Care Plan members.

Revised Grievance Form

Use this form to report a grievance.