Retired Firefighters,

While reviewing our membership list of retired Buffalo Firefighters, I was surprised to see that many of you have not joined up with your fellow retirees and become a member of the Buffalo and Western New York Retired Firefighters Association. At the present time, 4 of every 5 retirees are members of the organization. Retiring now, join up with us now. If you have been retired for awhile, I would appreciate your reconsidering your previous decision on not joining the retirees association, and now unite with us and the approximately 600 other retired Buffalo Firefighters. To join the association of retired Firefighters, send a check for $30.00 (Annual dues) along with your name, address and phone number to:

Western New York Retired Firefighters Association, Inc.
971 Kenmore Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14217

Your membership card along with the latest copy of our newsletter the “Embers” will be sent on receipt of your dues.
Your becoming a member adds strength to the organization. Unite with us now and join today.

Ed Burch
President: Western New York Retired Firefighters Association, Inc.

Please notify both the City and Retirees Assoc. of any change in address.

2017 Retiree Meeting Schedule

Meeting Place: Polish Falcon’s Hall 445 Columbia Ave. Depew, NY

Date Time Meeting
January 19th 13:00 Pizza & Regular Meeting
February 19th 13:00 Election Committee Appointed
March 16th 13:00 Regular Meeting
April 20th 13:00 Nominations for Board Members Close
May 18th 13:00 Election of Board Members
June 15th 12:00 Buffett & Installation of Board Members
July N/A *No Regular Meeting This Month*
August 3rd 13:00 Annual Picnic – *No Regular Meeting*
September 21st 12:00 Buffett & By-Law Changes Due
October 19th 13:00 Regular Meeting & Reading of Changes
November 16th 13:00 Regular Meeting & Vote on Changes
December 7th 12:00 Xmas Party – *No Regular Meeting this Month*