Our Story

First organized in the primitive days of what is now the City of Buffalo, the Buffalo Fire Fighters Local 282 represents the over 700 men and women who make up the Buffalo Fire Department, which proudly serves over a quarter of a million people spanning a geographical area of about 42 square miles.

Mission Statement

To ensure the highest level of quality fire, EMS, and specialized services in our community through leadership, action, and partnerships with all levels of government.


Meet the Executives

President: Vincent Ventresca   [email protected]
Vice President: Timothy Nowak   [email protected]
Recording Secretary: Bob Carnevale   [email protected]
Secretary / Treasurer: Timothy Smith   [email protected]
SGT – at – Arms: John Otto [email protected]
3rd District Trustee: Kevin Sikorski [email protected]
4th District Trustee: Joe Marchitte [email protected]
6th District Trustee: Justin Sumbrum [email protected]
7th District Trustee: Otis Stephens [email protected]
Administrative Assistant: Terry LaRusch [email protected]